Content Preparation for the High-Traffic Blog – 15 Top Recommendations

You created your first Blog, and made several well-written posts on the important topic. You also linked your Blogging account to the AdSense, and you are patiently waiting for visitors. But, visitors are not coming. You can see that clearly from the post statistics and Blog counter, and from AdSense statistics. If you settled your Web presence in the big communities (Blogger, Flixya, Senserely, etc.), Financial Trend Blog you can wait for the community members to find your post, or for your hosting site to submit your post to the main search engines according to the topic of relevance. But, you want to see results immediately. When I established my Blog, I was hungry for the immediate improvement of my traffic statistics as well. So, I went online, and made thorough search for the recommendations from the professionals and fellows bloggers.

The following article is the first part of the series of reviews, ichimame based on the multiple sources on the topic: “How to increase blog traffic without financial investments.” We will start our discussion from the most essential part of the successful penetration on the Online Bloggers’ Market – Blog Content. No matter how hard are you working on the Blog promotion, you have very little chances to succeed if your content is not interesting or poorly presented. In the following list of recommendations, I combined the good and bad experience from the experts.

1. Provide quality content. It is hard to explain in simple words, how the quality content can be separated from the non-quality content. But, resource if you read an article on topic of your interests and you see say to yourself: “That’s it. I knew that, but the author put the staff on the Blog quite nicely”- this is a quality content. Share your expertise generously with other people, so the readers recognize it and depend on you and your opinion.

2. Provide original content. There are many sites with free content for your blog, and there is nothing wrong to use once a while an article (like this one) that fit perfectly the topic of your discussion (definitely, if you provide the information on the article source, and your Blogging host allows non-original content posting). But, lioridiamonds the most readable Blogs are not those that exclusively collect articles from other primary sources, no matter how good the published posts are.

3. Personal Voice. Through your posts readers should see an author – you. As Blogs are more like personal journals, they need to have a personal touch of the creator, giving the visitors feeling that you personally like them and you are glad they came, and you write for them to make their life easier and more fun. This personal touch could be secured through the humorous comments, examples from your experience, etc.

4. Provide an interesting and expert content. Everybody has the topic(s) where she or he is an expert. Choose the topic for your posts that it is truly interesting for you. Do not choose the topics, because they seem to be the most profitable in the Google AdSense eyes. If you do not have fun, writing your posts, luxuri the visitors will not have fun, reading them. Be constantly aware on all new trends on your topic of interest and become an expert in this area.

5. Look on your posts from your visitor’s perspectives. Try to review your post as the post of some stranger you stumbled online. Is this post is keeping your attention till the end, or you get bored right away? Try to be objective. If this post would be written by somebody else, would you like it?

6. Controversial Content. If that is applicable to the topic of your discussion, prepare the posts with controversial content, that might evoke the discussion and polemics, which will increase the Blog exposure and will eventually drive more traffic. One of the methods of increasing user’s participation is posting provocative questions and touch “hot topics”. These posts should be related to the topic of your discussion and you should use them carefully, as your Blog stylishness and integrity are more important for your long-time success.

7. Respect your readers. Blog is yours, and you can express your personal opinions on any topic at any extent, with certain legal limitation. However, while communicating your opinion, be polite and respectful equally to all your visitors, even those that clearly might not share your point of view.

8. News and long-lasting content. Try to create articles with the long-lasting content to ensure your posts readability next year, next 10 years… Definitely, it is from not easy to impossible for the topics related to the Internet, technology, or other themes, characterized by the fast development trends. If your content is losing its actuality fast, be first to deliver the news, taking the traffic the other way.

9. Track back links to your other posts. While writing new post, himote-kaizen try to include the relevant links from your older posts, promoting them the most natural way. These intra-links should not be perceived by the readers as shameless promotion, but should be integral to the post.

10. Writing Style and Design. You should develop your own, easy-identifiable style as a writer. But, it might be a difficult advice for the authors with English being not a native language. Anyway, your readers will always appreciate if you make their comprehension easier by using the proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalizing letters as needed, proofreading you posts, and using the Blog design and Themes and will help your reader to focus on the post, and avoid distraction by the reading obstacles. By investing your time in these simple actions, you will actually show the respect to your reader.

11. Regular Updates. Update your blogs regularly, let your fans and subscribers to be addicted to the new post they can enjoy on the regular basis. The rule is “the more regular you blog, the more traffic you will get”. It is increasing the overall knowledge base, you are presenting to the public, combined with keeping the most devoted your readers not to be disappointed by your extended absence.

12. Pictures and Videos. Use pictures and videos naturally incorporated in your posts. They give more flavors to your articles, make them more readable, and attract the public attention.

13. Blog Title and Description. Do not think that it is not important! It definitely is! Think it over, and choose a cool, relevant, straight-forward, and keywords-rich title that encourages people to check your site for the first time, when they no nothing about you and your Blog. The description should match the title, giving a brief presentation on your topic, approach, and character of presentation. This will also assist you in getting better indexing results in the major search engines. For more info please visit these websites:-

14. Most Popular Posts. You have the posts that you like most, and your readers like most. Why not putting the permanent links to them on the Blog sidebars, or adding few “killing” posts in your signature, while you are making your regular posts? Your best weapon should be utilized as much as possible.

15. Length of the Posts. It is recommended to keep the overall posts, and paragraphs inside the post, short. It is better to offer your visitors to come daily, checking your new pieces of the information, than to get them tired, reading one long article. It does not mean that you should always prepare the short posts. If the long article can be divided into the self-sufficient components, it is better to split it and arrange separate parts submission.


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